MoWash Productions, LLC

...thee entertainment company

MoWash Productions was founded by Miami native, Moses Washington. Early in life, Moses was diagnosed with a specific learning disability (SLD), a disability that caused some major challenges for Moses academically. However, his academic challenges did not deter his efforts and determination in life. With all odds against him during his secondary education, Moses put to silence the stereotypes associated with children diagnosed with SLD with his work ethics.

Moses was offered the lead role in his first stage play production “The Amen Corner” at the age of fifteen. The play was a sell-out sensation each night. This was only the beginning. Moses taught himself how to play the piano and soon after he began to write and compose music.

Athletics was a demanding part of his life as he excelled as a star football player and track and field star. He accepted a full scholarship to the University of Oklahoma (OU) in Track and Field which continued to fuel his future ambitions beyond South Florida.

While attending OU, Moses became a student activist, starting his very own school organization at the University of Oklahoma, The Independent Artist Association, IAA. IAA was established to provide college students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the performing arts while pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degrees. While at OU, Moses wrote and directed three stage productions: “Situations", "The Proverbs", and "A Man’s Perspective". The plays were performed at Langston University, Hillsdale College, Oklahoma City University, as well as the University of Oklahoma. Before departing OU, Moses received his Bachelors degree in African American Studies and a Masters degree in Human Relations, all while establishing MoWash Productions, LLC.

MoWash Productions LLC, is the pioneering result of IAA. It is a company that was established to support and develop young aspiring actors and playwrights by enhancing the quality of acting. MoWash Productions strives to promote an awareness of the multifaceted problems facing Americans in their day-to-day lives through dramatic presentations.

Currently since Moses has moved back to Miami, He has produced two different sold out shows "Does HE Even Love Me" & "Where Do We Go From Here, “If You Were Me, “Moment Of Truth?" and With his continued success he is directing and rehearsing for his next Hit stage play in Atlanta "Nursing Home". On August 2-3, 2019. Moses is the perfect example of a conqueror. He has not allowed his diagnosis of a learning disability to keep him from reaching his goals. Who knows what this guy is going to do next!